The South Carolina Health Professions Data Book

2016 South Carolina Health Professions Data Book (PDF)

The South Carolina Health Professions Data Book is an ongoing project of the Office for Healthcare Workforce. Produced biennially, the data book compiles information from a variety of sources into a single repository of information about the health status of the population in South Carolina and the healthcare provider resources available to care for that population. The information is summarized by county, AHEC region, DHEC region, Perinatal region, Workforce Investment Board region, and by different measures of urban and rural.

To find out more about this resource and to view or download the latest data book, visit the Health Professions Data Book page.

Other Projects

This is a listing of the ongoing, complete and future projects of the Office for Healthcare Workforce. Outputs of these projects (if applicable) can be found on the Reports and Publications page on this site.
Title Description Status
New Patient Wait Times for Primary Care In partnership with the South Carolina Office of Primary Care, we will be surveying primary care practices throughout the state to learn how waiting times for a new patient visit differ across the state. Complete: Report in Progress
Occupational Forecasts 2014-2015 A series of fact sheets are being developed to summarize the results of the most recent BLS occupational forecasts for healthcare workforce groups in South Carolina. In Progress
Tracking Healthcare Education Programs and Graduates in South Carolina We are using the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) to monitor the number of healthcare-related education programs in the state and the number of graduates produced each year. Reports will include a summary of a 10 year span for each program or cluster of related programs. In Progress
Nursing Education Programs Survey 2015-16 Nursing education programs in South Carolina will be surveyed during October and November 2016, to measure the state’s capacity to produce new nurses (LPNs and RNs) as well as extend nurses' education beyond entry-level (RN-BSN, Masters and Doctorate). Reports will be available Spring 2017. Complete: Report
Forecasting Healthcare Provider Needs in South Carolina

This project uses a micro simulation model to estimate the different types and levels of healthcare utilization likely to be needed by the population in South Carolina over the next 20 years and then translates those levels of service need into estimated demand for different types of healthcare providers.

In Progress
2016 South Carolina Health Professions Data Book

This edition of the Data Book is based on 2014/2015 data sources for licensed healthcare professionals, health status indicators, and population.

Complete: Data Book
Nursing Education Program Survey 2014-15

This study of nursing education programs in South Carolina measures the state's capacity to educate new nurses during the 2014-15 academic year, as well as post-licensure programs such as RN to BSN, Masters level and doctoral programs. The surveys include information about nursing education faculty and plans for future expansion or contraction of programs.

Complete: Report
Characteristics of the Nurse Practitioner Job Market in South Carolina

This project examined online job listings posted in 2014. The listings were analyzed to determine the type of setting in which jobs for nurse practitioners were being offered that year. Approximately 67% of all NP jobs in the database were in clinical specialty settings. One third were in traditional primary care settings.

Complete: Report
Defining Primary Care Service Areas in South Carolina

Ninety-five primary care service areas were identified in South Carolina, based on the commuting patterns between where people live (zipcode level) and where the plurality of their primary care services were received (provider zipcode) in 2013.

Complete: Map