About the Office for Healthcare Workforce

The South Carolina Office for Healthcare Workforce (OHW) was established in 2009 as a program within the South Carolina AHEC System with funding from The Duke Endowment. In 2016, the OHW became a permanent statewide resource when it received recurring funding from the South Carolina Legislature.

The OHW is dedicated to studying issues that affect the balance of supply and demand for different types of healthcare professionals in South Carolina. Our primary mission is to develop accurate, reliable information about the healthcare workforce in South Carolina and to make that information widely available in order to support planning and policy decisions.

The SC Office for Healthcare Workforce connects raw data, meets information needs and informs policy decisions

What We Do

We identify and/or gather data that can be analyzed to create a better understanding of the current supply of nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists and other healthcare professionals in South Carolina; investigate how that supply may change in the future; and develop estimates of demand for different types of professionals based on employment patterns, practice characteristics and the needs of the population. That research becomes the basis for assessing shortages and building forecasting models of future supply and demand trends.

We also work closely with state agencies such as the Office of Primary Care, the Department of Health and Human Services, educational programs and others to develop the information they need to make informed policy decisions related to the healthcare workforce.

Data Collection

Gathering original data and using existing data resourses to answer questions about South Carolina's healthcare workforce

Data Analysis

Applying appropriate analytic techniques to produce accurate results when creating supply and demand projections, monitoring workforce trends and mapping resources

Report Writing

Producing in-depth profiles (e.g., The South Carolina Health Professions Data Book), short summary fact sheets and policy briefs

Information Distribution

Distributing research results through direct mailing of reports to policy makers, free downloads on our website, press releases and Twitter announcements

Informing Policy

Providing unbiased information to support decision making and public policy

How We Do It

The OHW collaborates with the Health and Demographics Section of the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office as well as with other state agencies to obtain data relevant to healthcare workforce issues. Advisory groups are convened to help guide research projects and assist the staff with interpreting the results. All research findings are published on our website and made freely available to guide healthcare workforce policy decisions in South Carolina.

Our key stakeholders include:

  • Legislators
  • State agencies
  • Licensing boards
  • Educational institutions
  • Medical education programs
  • Health systems
  • Professional associations
  • Grant writers
  • Students
  • Potential health professionals
  • Economic development planners
  • South Carolina citizens